Our Clients

Modern laser cutting technology has extensive applications across a wide range of sectors, wherever high quality precision cut sheet metal parts and components are required. Laser cutting has long been extensively utilised within the aerospace industry where its high tolerances, quick CAD driven programming and ability to work with high-tech alloys makes it the ideal option. However, increasingly the surprising cost-effectiveness of the technology means that laser cutting is finding extensive uses across numerous unexpected applications for both short runs; where traditional press tooling would normally be prohibitive; and longer runs; where quality and finish are paramount.


When precision and absolute reliability count for everything Lakeland Laser are up there with the best, in the air and on the ground. The Company produces a variety of components for avionics and propulsion specialists, in titanium, aluminium and specialist steel grades.


The high integrity, accuracy and quality of finish of parts laser cut from raw stock are a particular advantage for components used within the Zone 1 and 2 applications and pressure vessels that are such a common feature of modern chemical and processing businesses.


Agricultural machinery and vehicle makers utilise Lakeland Laser extensively for the variety of high quality specialist components required in relatively small numbers within this sector. By minimising finishing time needed and delivering speedy batch production without the need for prohibitive tooling, laser cutting offers a highly competitive option.


Complex cutting in large batches is achievable with laser profiling, Lakeland manufacture a variety of components for the auto industry. Folding and powder coating can also add another dimension to the product as well as providing a robust finish.


Shopfitting is an industry that operates against perennially tight deadlines. Unique features and special components are expected by stores that stand out from the crowd. Lakeland Laser have the expertise and experience to deliver when others can’t.

Office Furniture

Whether self-assembly or factory finished, modern office furniture demands finish and quality. Lakeland Laser’s technology and precision gives results that combine precision with total consistency.


Lakeland Laser have worked extensively in the architectural sector manufacturing a variety of complex bespoke decorative stainless steel items ranging from modern balustrades to reproductions of period gutter details.


The ability to cut complex forms from sheet metal delivers stress-free structural integrity, making laser cutting ideal for a diverse range of security products where low unit cost, strength and quality are paramount.